Cheltenham Gold Cup Sweepstake Kit 2014

The Cheltenham Gold Cup is this Friday, 3.20pm and the final 14 runners have been announced.

Download your free Cheltenham Gold Cup sweepstake kit. Just open the sweepstake kit page, print it out and cut out the runners. Then randomly draw each horse and insert names in the table on the second page, to keep a record of who has which horse. Perhaps charge £5 to pick a horse, making a £70 pot. I would suggest that 1st place takes home £50, 2nd place £15 and 3rd place £5. Please let me know how you get on. Who will win the office sweep?

The bookmakers are desperate for your business for the Cheltenham Festival this year and are offering fantastic freebet offers which expire on Friday, so open an account now or you will miss out on the generous bonuses. Free Cheltenham Bets

Download Sweepstake pdf version



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